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Find hear a list of the most commonly asked questions regarding online classes. For further questions email

Convenience and flexibility are the most common advantages of online classes. Taking classes online is ideal for someone who wants to save time for other activities like sports, co-curricular activities. Online classes allow you to fit school into your schedule when it’s convenient for you.

Online classes are delivered using a learning management system, called TutorLMS. Students log into TutorLMS and can select their course sites. Once a student is in their course site, they can access lectures, PowerPoint, emails, assignments, readings, documents, videos, links, discussion boards, their advisor and the assignment dropbox.

All students attend  online 1 – on – 1 sessions on interactive white board.Through this virtual experience, you will meet your academic instructor and tutor. This enhances the relationship throughout the course, as you will always have a face to connect with the name. Tutors are very accessible and responsive to students. Students and instructors communicate primarily through course sites and emails in online courses. Instructors utilize Skype for White board class chats or conference calls.

Yes, you can take more than one course.

You have to inform us by phone or by e-mail our staff member will get in touch with you and you with your payment issue.

For online tutoring, the student and tutor are connected over the internet. Online Tutoring takes place using our virtual classroom, which includes a whiteboard, text chat, and voice communication. At the time of session, the student and tutor click a button to join each other in the virtual classroom. For online tutoring all you need is a high speed (broadband) internet connect, a computer with microphone, and speakers, or a tablet on iOS/Android. We recommend a computer headset with a microphone for the best experience.

One of the keys to being a successful online student is self-discipline. Because you are not required to be in class at a specific time you have to be motivated to get the work done on your own. While you are taking online classes it is important that you establish schedule of when and how you will get your work done.

If you don’t understand an assignment it is important to ask questions for clarification so you don’t fall behind. Instructors make themselves available to students via e-mail, discussions boards, virtual office hours and conference calls.

Yes. Many instructors assign tests in their online classes. Students may sign an ethical agreement saying they will not copy or share their exam, and that the person taking the test is the person registered for the course. Tests may be timed, and do not typically allow for open-book responses. 

Online classes may include conference calls, online chat rooms or Skype engagements that require a specific time commitment. Students should expect weekly due dates for assignments that require them to participate in the online course throughout the week.



Collections of pathways grouped by theme.



Virtual experiences that let you learn to engage with lab equipment and techniques.



Control the pace of images and text animations that advance you through learning.



Featuring experts explaining concepts, illustrating lab techniques and more.



Scientific research presentations formatted similarly to primary literature.



Combine and remix content into tailored short learning experiences.



Unique stories about researchers’ personal journeys to and through scientific fields.



Pre-populated groups of assessment questions.



Visual aids that demonstrate a principle or help to support a text.



PDF documentation combining text and images.



Classic learning materials for explaining and exploring a concept in depth.