About Us

Let Us Learn is a leading brand in online tutoring and educational content development. It is the result of our meticulous preparation, hard work, and years of experience delivering quality education to students globally.

What We're All About

Let Us Learn is the pioneer in affordable online tutoring. Our program is designed for convenient and effective tutoring, wherever you may be. With our individually tailored curriculum and one-on-one tutoring sessions, we help the student develop a renewed interest in learning.  We will help your child realize that they have what it takes to be successful!

Learn Something Every Day

There are a lot of good, practical reasons to make learning something new every day your habit, but the best reason has nothing to do with practicality — we are learning creatures, and the lifelong practice of learning is what makes us humans and our lives worthwhile.

Ravi Kanth
Our Vision

Who We Are

"It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows."

No matter what you pursue in life, keep yourself hungry to learn. Choose to always have a beginner’s mind, constantly looking for another angle. Get comfortable with being wrong, and relish it when it happens. It’s okay to be wrong as long as you make it a lesson. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and seem like an amateur. An open mind can be your greatest asset if you let it.

Ravi Kanth began his career in education in 2001, teaching courses in mathematics and physics at various schools in Hyderabad(India).  For 8 years he worked for Ministry of Education Republic of Maldives.

Soon after repatriation, in 2012 he founded Let Us Learn an online education portal for IGCSE. In the early days of Let Us Learn, Ravi taught just about every course (CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, IB ) physics and mathematics  himself. He developed his own lecture notes and assignments, eventually becoming an expert in instruction design. 

Ravi has a Bachelor’s degree from Osmania University, BSc(Hons) with Mathematics (Major), Physics(auxiliary) and  computer Science (elective). He developed the E-learning portal himself.


Learn From Industry Leaders

striving to achieve highly ambitious goals are bound to face challenges and blockers. True leaders have the skills to assess and overcome these problems. Through being highly strategic, clear communicators and leading with clear vision.

Learn at Your Own Pace

Self-paced learning differs from the traditional teacher-led, whole-class lessons. The self-paced method allows students to design their own learning experience, not only at their own pace, but according to their own interests and learning preferences.

Effective, personalized feedback

Group feedbacks fall flat because often students feel like the advice didn’t apply to them. When I give direct feedback to students individually, they know that I’m talking about their work specifically. It resonated more deeply than when I would offer feedback to the whole class at once.