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All tutors have a teaching experience of 5+ years. They bring a high level of enthusiasm and inquisitiveness through positive interaction and strong student engagement.


We adapt a student centric approach which involves identifying the style of learning that works best for the student and adjusting the tutoring style accordingly.


Classes are scheduled through the VOI platform and sessions are delivered through interactive whiteboard application.

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To help make sure you’ve mastered the content, you’ll review materials that include practice and review questions at the end of each module. Once you feel ready, you’ll go online and take the module exam. After completing a module, you’ll move on to the other modules in the program. 


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Every student is assigned their own dedicated tutor who is an expert in the subject area. Tutors are there to support you throughout your course and to guide and facilitate your learning.

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"self-paced" education or training is defined by the ability of learners to decide on the pace and timing of their learning experience.

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By studying online, you bring the entire classroom with you wherever you go. Whether you’re at home, commuting, on holiday, or anywhere in the world – if you’ve got internet access, you have access to your educational facilities..


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My son Revanth has been taking classes from Ravi for a year now and I am proud to say that he has scored distinction in IGCSE mathematics! We are very happy to be associated with him, who have nurtured my son's academic abilities.”
Anitha Chowdary
"My daughter Shruthi is in IGCSE Grade 10. Learning Physics and understanding the subject was more like a nightmare for Shruthi. But after signing up for classes with Ravi Kanth, helped her to understand equations in a much simpler way than taught at school. He is a wonderful teacher and there are very few teachers like him who takes personal effort and care to ensure the student understands the subject. Due to this Shruthi has developed a liking for the subject. I am very thankful to him for boosting the confidence level in my daughter and make her know her potential as a mentor..
Anupa Reddy
Prashanth has had an exceptional year. His commitment to learning and perseverance have allowed him to make the accelerated growth program. He has shown 3 times improvement in math according to his school and this has been the highlight of taking classes with Mr.Ravi Kanth. His unique programs and commitment to student centric learning have really helped my son. Special thanks to Mr. Ravi Kanth for being an awesome math faculty
Ananth Reddy
I enrolled my son in a school with an International Baccalaureate program because it will make going abroad for higher studies easier. The Higher secondary course he had studied till class 9 did not prepare him for the IB standard. Mr. Ravi Kanth's online study programme helped him to get to the top of his class and we are very hopeful that he will do well and get admission is a good college abroad.”
Bhasker Rao